Flashback to 1997: Java owner sues Java extender

by jmorris 13. August 2010 13:43

In a flashback to 1997, the owner of Java (was Sun now Oracle) sues another company (was Microsoft now Google) that has extended the language: http://money.cnn.com/2010/08/13/technology/oracle_android/index.htm

Of course the way this is done is different matter and is totally unrelated, but wow! I guess the Java platform isn't so "open" after all!

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Android: Starting a Child Activity from a Parent Activity

by jmorris 29. June 2010 23:07

Despite my early mistakes, starting an Activity to launch a child view off of the main view is pretty simple in Android ;) First define an activity that will act as the parent, in most platforms this is analogous to a "main" method which indicates the starting point for the application and a child Activity that the will be activated from this Activity:

Then create an intent passing in a reference to the current Activity and the class definition of the child Activity. Finally pass the newly created Intent into the startActivity(...) method. Simple ;)

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