MonoDroid and MonoTouch Alive!

by jmorris 20. July 2011 22:11

There was a lot of noise and confusion on the Monodroid mail group when it was reported that Novell had been sold to Attachmate and subsequently laid off the entire Mono team. The two major products that the team had been working on, Monodroid and Monotouch (cross platform .NET platforms for Android and iOS development) apparently were dead.

Well, it looks like Miguel and his team have worked a deal with Attachmate:

Through an agreement with SUSE*, a business unit of The Attachmate Group (the company that acquired Novell in April 2011), Xamarin has a broad, perpetual license to all intellectual property covering Mono*, MonoTouch, Mono for Android and Mono Tools for Visual Studio. Xamarin will also provide technical support to SUSE customers using Mono-based products and assume stewardship of the Mono open source project


This is good news indeed for open source .NET development and all involved.

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Monodroid and Monotouch Dead?

by jmorris 16. May 2011 23:01

A couple of weeks back Novell was sold to Attachmate and there was a lot of speculation about what would happen to Monodroid and Monotouch, the Mono based development tools for targeting IOS and Android apps using C#. Well, it looks like they are both dead in that Attachmate laid off the development teams for both.

However, it looks like Miguel de Icaza, the main man behind Mono, has started a new company that will develop tools for developing Mono apps for IOS and Android:

While the death of Monodroid and Monotouch is a bummer for those who have invested their time, money and effort in them, there will still be tools being developed that will allow C# on these popular platforms. Also, no longer being tied to large company has it’s benefits and undoubtedly the Miguel’s new company will be better equipped to meet the needs of developers.

I was pretty close to committing to Monodroid for my personal droid development, but now I am glad I simply chose the Eclispe/Android toolkit solution. Java and Eclipse are a bit rough of a development stack, but it’s relatively easy to switch between C#/VS.

So, a short step back for Mono, but in the end I think this will lead to good things. At least I hope.

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Flashback to 1997: Java owner sues Java extender

by jmorris 13. August 2010 13:43

In a flashback to 1997, the owner of Java (was Sun now Oracle) sues another company (was Microsoft now Google) that has extended the language:

Of course the way this is done is different matter and is totally unrelated, but wow! I guess the Java platform isn't so "open" after all!

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Android: Starting a Child Activity from a Parent Activity

by jmorris 29. June 2010 23:07

Despite my early mistakes, starting an Activity to launch a child view off of the main view is pretty simple in Android ;) First define an activity that will act as the parent, in most platforms this is analogous to a "main" method which indicates the starting point for the application and a child Activity that the will be activated from this Activity:

Then create an intent passing in a reference to the current Activity and the class definition of the child Activity. Finally pass the newly created Intent into the startActivity(...) method. Simple ;)

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