Introducing the DOTNET SDK 2.0 Development Blog Series at Couchbase

by jmorris 20. January 2014 10:39

New blog introducing a series of posts I will be doing on the design and development of the new Couchbase .NET SDK 2.0 client at

The first post is a pre-cursor to rest of the series and I go over some of the history, motivation, goals and objectives, features and finally a bit of the high-level design that I will be writing about over the coming months as the new client is developed. This is intended to be an evolving, interactive series so feel free to drop a comment if you see something that you think can be improved upon.

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Couchbase .NET SDK 1.3.1 Released!

by jmorris 8. January 2014 14:36

Heads up that the Couchbase .NET SDK version 1.3.1 was released officially yesterday! This release is mostly a maintenance follow up to the 1.3.0 release which added significant improvements (a rewrite of) the connection pooling portion of the client.

A list of issues and tasks that were resolved:

  • NCBC-289: Does not return errors object on exception
  • NCBC-344: NotImplementedException when storing against MemcachedClient in v1.3 client
  • NCBC-345: Update Readme.mdown to reflect changes in the Couchbase .NET SDK versioning policy
  • NCBC-353: Add node IP to error messages so that users can isolate issues easier
  • NCBC-352: Flag all Increment/Decrement methods with CAS params as 'Obsolete'
  • NCBC-337: Fix for 'View vquery was mapped to a dead node, failing.' errors
  • NCBC-341: AOOR when deserializing bootstrap config with empty 'pools' element
  • NCBC-327: Update Nuspec files to current VS Solution Configuration
  • NCBC-334: Add a post-merge git hook for updating the assembly version

The release is available on Nuget: or from S3:



Couchbase [SF] 2013 is Coming Up!

by jmorris 30. August 2013 19:16

On September 13th 2013, leading NOSQL database provider, Couchbase, will be invading San Francisco for it’s annual community conference, Couchbase [SF] 2013! I’ll be there as well participating in a Couchbase Cluster – smaller interactive and discussion driven sessions – representing the .NET Client SDK.

The event will host three different tracks: developer, operations and administration with speakers from Couchbase and from Customers of Couchbase who have a wealth of experience and various use-cases to share. There will also be smaller interactive sessions that go over advanced topics, new offerings such as Mobile Couchbase and the various Couchbase Labs projects that are available for free on Github or via Nuget (if you are a .NET developer).

So if your in San Francisco on September 13th or are willing to travel a bit, come by and join in on the fun!

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