My first rant: R.I.P. Max 'The Dog' Sept 1995 - Oct 11 2008

by jmorris 12. October 2008 01:16

Got the call from my father today, that our family dog was not eating, unresponsive and breathing heavy. Bad signs. I drove to his house and poor Max was looking real bad. We drove him to the vet and they showed me several lumps on his stomache and side - I gave him a bath last month and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. She said his temperature was over 107 (102 is expected, 103 is a fever in dog world).

Anyways, Max was a wonderful loving, protector of our family (he was family) for 13 years and we will miss him. Miss you buddy.


Max Sept. 1995-Oct 11 2008



Jeff Morris

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