I Broke Resharper! Or was it TypeMock?

by jmorris 15. May 2009 22:56

I was trying to test a IEqualityComparer implementation today, when Resharper kept crashing:


I tried rebooting, rebuilding everything. I finally clicked 'Debug' and waited...nothing happened after a few minutes, so I tried re-installing Resharper to no avail. By this time I was bruning through  my day, running out of time (deadlines, blah).

I clicked 'Debug' again and once again nothing happened....for awhile. I got up and ran a few 'errands' and came back an viola, I found my problem:


It was just a StackOverFlowException caused by my poor implementation of IEqualityComparer. Once I saw this I knew immediatly what was going on and how to resolve it. Of course, Resharper stopped crashing after I fixed the bug.

The big issue was why Resharper didn't handle this and just display the stacktrace as usual. It might be related to the fact that the exception was generated in TypeMock.dll, AFAIK I was not using TypeMock for this Unit test and there are no references to it in my project...weird

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