Design Fail

by jmorris 28. October 2010 13:59

While I am not much of a front end developer or much less a designer,  the design elements of some sites are so poor, that even I shake my head in disbelief. While doing some research for a future post on refactoring and method groups, I came across this site:


Note that the site is all flash and you navigate with that teeny, tiny little menu thing!  As you click the on the menu item squares the flash app moves another layer into focus which contains quotes from various famous people. The problem is, WTF does the company even do? It took me awhile navigating through this maze to find out they are a marketing company…apparently the focus on “creating customers”. Maybe the should focus on “communicating with customers” first.

BTW, here is the “Clients Page”:


Is it any wonder?

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