Monodroid and Monotouch Dead?

by jmorris 16. May 2011 23:01

A couple of weeks back Novell was sold to Attachmate and there was a lot of speculation about what would happen to Monodroid and Monotouch, the Mono based development tools for targeting IOS and Android apps using C#. Well, it looks like they are both dead in that Attachmate laid off the development teams for both.

However, it looks like Miguel de Icaza, the main man behind Mono, has started a new company that will develop tools for developing Mono apps for IOS and Android:

While the death of Monodroid and Monotouch is a bummer for those who have invested their time, money and effort in them, there will still be tools being developed that will allow C# on these popular platforms. Also, no longer being tied to large company has it’s benefits and undoubtedly the Miguel’s new company will be better equipped to meet the needs of developers.

I was pretty close to committing to Monodroid for my personal droid development, but now I am glad I simply chose the Eclispe/Android toolkit solution. Java and Eclipse are a bit rough of a development stack, but it’s relatively easy to switch between C#/VS.

So, a short step back for Mono, but in the end I think this will lead to good things. At least I hope.

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