11 Ways Men Can Counter Hate Against Women


It’s not always easy being a man in today’s world. From the moment we’re born, society tells us what it means to be male, and what that means is constantly changing. On top of that, we are bombarded with messages telling men how they have to act or speak if they want to be considered “real” men. And then there’s the vitriolic hate against women that has become so prevalent in our culture over recent years. It can seem like an impossible task for any man who cares about equality and justice to fight back against such reckless hate!

But don’t you worry- I’m going tell you 11 ways men can counter this type of hatred towards women!

#1 Watch out for sexist jokes

It’s not always easy to know what jokes are sexist and which aren’t, but it doesn’t take much work to find out. You just have to pay attention! If you don’t think a joke is funny, or if someone tells the joke in an attempt at humor that falls flat with everyone else: don’t laugh when they do. And definitely let them know why- start by saying “I’m sorry about your mom” and then explain why sexism isn’t okay

Don’t forget that all of these tools can be used for other types of discrimination as well! We need more men who understand how dangerous society has become towards women (and people from marginalized backgrounds ), and how much work it is to maintain their safety.

If you think a joke might be offensive, don’t laugh at the person telling the joke! Let them know what’s wrong with it- start by saying “I’m sorry about your mom” and then explain why sexism isn’t okay

Women are constantly put in danger by society because of men like this who perpetuate oppressive ideas every day. If we want change, we need more people on board fighting for equality – not joking while women struggle just to exist in public spaces! We can’t risk violence against any group when these attitudes stay alive. It only takes one small action from someone else to make all the difference that could save lives someday.

Even if you don’t have the power to change society, just know that what you say and do can hurt people. If all men were more aware of their own part in misogyny, we could move towards a world where everyone has an equal voice and no one is silenced or oppressed.

You might not think sexism will affect your life at first- but it’s never too late for someone else to step up when they see something wrong happening. It doesn’t matter how small your action is – every little bit counts! We’ve been taught from a young age that women are objects meant only to please others “to be seen” rather than fully human beings with thoughts and feelings like our own. But because we’re socialized into thinking this way, it’s the most important place to start.

If you don’t feel angry about what has happened so far and want to help in some small way – these are 11 ways men can counter hate against women:

Be a good listener “talk less”. Hear them out.

Take care of your body. Don’t let society define how much or what kind of food you should eat; that is for yourself to decide! Treating our bodies with kindness will lead us on a path towards peace and self love.

Educate others when they make sexist comments (or at least talk privately afterwards). This might not always be easy but if we all speak up together, things could change sooner than you think.

Don’t use sexist language, like “you throw like a girl”. Though it might seem harmless when we’re kids, this kind of talk creates an environment where girls will never be as good at anything they do. Language matters!

Teach your son that women are not objects to be used for his pleasure or entertainment. A woman may say no regardless of what she is wearing and deserves respect whether he likes her personally or not – even if you don’t want to hear what she has to say about something important in society. Your silence can speak volumes too!!! We deserve better than being talked over all the time – let’s start listening instead!!

Tell them their own story whenever possible. Telling our own stories is one of the most powerful things we can do to change societal narratives.

Invite them into conversations with women so they’ll hear what girls and women have to say about themselves, their lives, and how they see the world around them. If a woman shares something in confidence with him he should feel honoured that she trusts him enough to share her story; not ask for more information or go off on his own interpreting it without including her perspective at all!

Teach your son’s friends that boys are not entitled to attention from someone who is female just because you’re male. When girls/women don’t give the time of day, be respectful instead of pushing boundaries until she becomes exasperated (or worse). Being persistent when there is need.

By Linnea D

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